NOVEMBER 18, 2014

Present: Eileen Dresser, Gloria M. Farr, Wynn Davies, Sina Davis, Sue Bridson, Jack Tiffany, Marge Lyford, and Joe Liversee, guest from Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Eileen opened the meeting with a reading of ďMore Than GoldĒ.

Minutes of the October 21 meeting were accepted as written.

Treasurerís Report. Because of a virus in his computer, Jack is unable to give a report this month. However he mentioned that Westminster women gave $1000 to Eviction Prevention.

Wellness Center: Gloria reported highlights of the past month, including the following:

  • The annual Halloween party for children, youth and families went well with increased parent involvement.
  • The Center is involved with helping to develop the Allied Community Coop.
  • Planning to collaborate with med students to sponsor a neighborhood blood in January.
  • The $500 ShopKo gift card provided personal hygiene items and detergents for teens and families. Would welcome gifts of dental floss because most residents canít afford it.

    Eviction Prevention: Erica Anderson unable to be present so no report was given.

    Food Pantry: Eileen reported things are going all right except for problems with a freezer. The pantry will be providing 164 turkeys for Thanksgiving baskets. The baskets will be put together at the Boys and Girls Club and Sina and Selena are working on delivery plans.

    Allied/Dunnís Marsh Neighborhood Association: The revived Allied Community Cooperative is now officially incorporated! However it needs time to develop and officers have not yet been selected. They would welcome volunteers from churches who have knowledge or experience with coops. At itís first meeting the lack of availability of food and drugs with the closing of Walgreens was discussed. At our meeting it was suggested that the cooperative might be part of the effort to establish a store in Allied.

    Other Concerns - Change in Meeting Times: Marge surveyed members about their preferred times of day, day of the week, and week of the month. Based on the results of the survey, the decision was made to continue meeting on the third Tuesday of the month..but change the meeting time to 10: 00 AM. It will become effective in December and we will evaluate the effectiveness of the change in a few months.

    Next Meeting - Tuesday, December 16, at 10:00 AM at the Boys and Girls Club

    Marjory Lyford, Secretary