OCTOBER 21, 2014

PRESENT: Eileen Dresser, Alice Howard, Cassandra L. Sonko, Shirley Robbins, Jack Tiffany, Selena Pettigrew, Marge Lyford, Sue Bridson, Jill Thomas, Gloria Farr, Sina Davis, Erica Anderson, Janie Tompkins, and Daphne Maymon

Eileen opened the meeting by reading "Angels Are Watching".

TREASURERíS REPORT: The current balance for the projects: Food Pantry - $6,936; Eviction Prevention - $1017.87; and Special Projects - $259.45. Income for Eviction Prevention Fund for the past month was $1,208.

WELLNESS CENTER: Gloria reported a very busy month. Gloria and the Welcomers have been teaming up with various community organizations and events and participated in the Mayorís workshop at Monona Terrace. The center is collaborating with the U. W. medical students to offer a blood drive with the Red Cross.

EVICTION PREVENTION: In response to a query, Erica said that a family can receive eviction prevention funds no more that every two years and those with children have first priority. Because more than $1,200 was available in the fund, several families were helped last month.

FOOD PANTRY: Eileen and the food pantry staff had decided to offer only turkeys this year instead of a turkey basket. because some residents havenít picked them up at the appointed times. Several neighborhood residents present at the meeting had negative reactions to this decision and asked to be allowed to help this year. The Boyís and Girlís Club and the Neighborhood Association are partnering to provide food for the basket. Sina and others offered to help make deliveries of the baskets. Eileen offered to get apples and onions from Second Harvest.

NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: A situation that is causing great concern among neighborhood residents is the announcement of the Walgreens Store off Verona Road that they will be closing around the end of the year, leaving the neighborhood without any nearby grocery or drug stores. Residents without the use of a car find it very difficult to use a bus to do grocery shopping. Taking a cab would help...but would need help with cab fares. Some suggested approaches: Opening a community run store, perhaps with the help of Willy St. Coop. Expanding Fresh Mobile. Notifying churches of the the situation.

Selena announced that there will be a community tree planting on November 2. and a free Thanksgiving meal on November 25th The revived Allied Coop is becoming active.

OTHER CONCERNS: Ran out of time before addressing the question of possibly changing the time and frequency of Allied Partners meetings. Will do email survey.

NEXT MEETING: November 18, 2014 - 4 PM Boys and Girls Club.   M Lyford, Secretary