JULY 15, 2014

PRESENT: Eileen Dresser, Gloria M. Farr, Jack Tiffany, Sue Bridson, Barry Hayes, Molly Plunkett, and Marge Lyford.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The Wellness Center report of the July 17 meeting was amended to read "Prairie Unitarian donated $134 to the center for bus passes." Minutes were passed as amended.

TREASURERíS REPORT: Jack presented a scaled down financial report, necessary because of computer problems. A $150 check from Friends was sent to Selena to use for lunches for neighborhood children and youth. Gloria received the extra funds needed to pay for the shirts which had been ordered for the Welcomers. The report was accepted as written.

WELLNESS CENTER The center has received a recent contribution of $416.65 from Queen of Peace Church and receives $83.33 each month from Good Shepherd. Barry, who is on the Wellness Center Board, noted that a city grant pays for Gloriaís salary but any program expenses need to come from Allied Partners contributions. A new computer, preferably a lap top, and printer is needed for the center.

EVICTION PREVENTION/JFF: No report. Erica unable to be present.

FOOD PANTRY: They are giving out cans of salmon instead of meat...but things are going well. The number of families served fluctuates but averages 33 a week, with about even numbers of African American and Hispanics. They made up 10 packages of personal care items to give to the GEMS group girls.

ALLIED/DUNNíS MARSH NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: The association is working on a replacement for Selena who is the acting president.

OTHER CONCERNS: An ongoing concern was expressed about low attendance at Allied Partner meetings. Perhaps we need an outreach coordinator to contact churches who have not been sending representatives. It was suggested that we send short news articles to our church newsletters or bulletins about what is happening at Allied and about any needed items.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday August 19, 2014 at 4 PM in Classroom B, Boys and Girls Club.

*Note, Iím sorry, but I will be out of town and unable to attend on the 19th. So am hoping one of you will be willing to take minutes! Marjory Lyford, Secretary