JUNE 17, 2014

PRESENT: Barry Hayes, Jack Tiffany, Marge Lyford, Eileen Dresser, Erica Anderson, Sue Bridson, Gloria M. Farr, Selena Pettigrew

Eileen opened the meeting by reading "the Key to Friendship"

MINUTES of the May 20th meeting were accepted as written.

TREASURERíS REPORT: Jack distributed a financial report with income and expenses through May. It was noted that the Neighborhood Association has received no income from Allied Partners so far this year. The situation was discussed. however no definite solution was arrived at to increase income and support for the association to use for promoting and enabling neighborhood activities. Jack brought up the $150 contribution from Friends to be used for childrenís summer lunches. *Erica moved that the fund be transferred to the Neighborhood Association, to be used at Selenaís discretion for a neighborhood meal project benefiting children or youth. Motion passed.*

WELLNESS CENTER: Gloria reported 121 contacts during the past month. Through the UW, neighborhood residents have been learning about cancers that affect women. Two women from Allied attended a training in Chicago on the "Art of Hosting". The family of the resident who was shot is still facing many challenges. Itís possible another nurse (RN) will volunteer at the Center. Prairie Unitarian donated $144 to the Center for bus passes to hand out.

EVICTION PREVENTION: Erica dispensed $1,760 during the past month to help 10 people with rent, energy bills or security deposits. JFF has a new receptionist at the entrance.

FOOD PANTRY; Eileen reported a Verona realtor gave a portion ($200) of a home sale to the food pantry. The pantry is spending a lot on meat recently.

NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER: Selena reported that the Brotherhood and Gems groups are meeting weekly. Certain Allied residents who have been creating problems in the neighborhood are being confronted with threats of going to prison unless they use resources available to them and change their behavior. Selena is writing a grant for a mural sidewalk painting project. Four neighborhoods are being considered for this grant. Selena and 4 residents attended a spiritual care givers retreat in May and learned much about themselves.

OTHER CONCERNS: Barry shared a concern about the financial situation of the Wellness Center. Consensus is that we need to add more Allied Partner congregations. Barry suggested perhaps a new brochure with new photographs. Marge will contact Linda Ketcham and request copies of the letter and the contribution form which were mailed to congregations last fall to be sent to board members so that we can determine how to follow up. Erica offered to visit congregations to speak on behalf of Allied Partners.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 15 at 4:00 PM at Boys and Girls Club. Classroom B

Marjory Lyford, Secretary