October 22, 2013

Present: Sue Bridson, Wynn Davies, Eileen Dresser, Ruth Hoffman Hein, Linda Ketcham, Selena Pettigrew, Shirley Robbins, Jill Thomas (First Baptist), Jack Tiffany.

Meeting called to order with prayer, by Eileen. Jill introduced as an alternate for Wynn when necessary.

MINUTES of the September regular meeting and the October 8 special meeting approved as presented.

TREASURER's report (Jack) presented, discussed, and accepted as printed.

WELLNESS CENTER: A Hallowe'en party is planned for Oct. 31 at Revival Ridge. No one present to give further report.

EVICTION PREVENTION: No report; Erica has been ill.

FOOD PANTRY: (Eileen) For Thanksgiving: 180 turkey baskets will be prepared, with potatoes, apples, jellied cranberry sauce, green beans, and (after discussion) corn meal instead of stuffing. Registration for these baskets has been slow so far. Things are going well. The new freezer is very helpful; a bigger refrigerator-freezer is also needed.
      The mobile food pantry was discontinued in August, since Second Harvest stopped contributing. Fewer people had been coming to the pantry, possibly because the timing of its presence was inconvenient. Freshmobile has also stopped. There are comments that the quality of the food, high at first, began to go downhill. Question: since the need of people for food is still high, could they be transported to other pantries? When such a service was provided some time ago, however, it was not well-patronized. Appreciation was expressed by the Board for the excellent effort for this project by the man providing the Fresh Market.
      Wynn will put out the call for Food Pantry volunteers at his church, First Baptist.

JFF: no one present to report.

ALLIED DUNN'S MARSH NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: The recent community meal had leaders of the Verona Road reconstruction art project present, who said that residents' life stories will be depicted.
      Selena is working with Tiffany of the Boys and Girls Club to overcome the feeling of some children that they are not comfortable there. The computer lab will be used on three dates, to see how well-used it can be. Several informational sessions are planned for the neighborhood.
      There is a suggestion that several neighborhood associations might work together, but Selena is doubtful. The Newsletter needs sponsors - it costs $140 per 100 copies of six to eight pages.
      Another note on the growing proportion of Hispanics in the neighborhood. They use the food pantry but don't participate in neighborhood activities, perhaps are unaware of them.
      Selena needs to step down - but no one has yet stepped up!

MAILING: Linda presented the letter to be sent to faith communities, explaining the neighborhood projects of concern to Allied Partners and asking for support. The new form for supporters to send back looks good. Linda needs letterhead and the mailing list. It was decided to send this letter and form both electronically and by snail mail. Marge will be asked to update the address/e-mail/phone list and send it around to Allied Partners.

NEXT MEETINGS: NOV. 19 and DEC. 17 (both third Tuesdays). Might need a consideration of a different Tuesday, in the future.

Shirley Robbins, Secretary pro tem