FEBRUARY 26, 2013

PRESENT: Eileen Dresser, Shirley Robbins, Jack Tiffany, Sue Bridson, Selena Pettigrew, Susan Corrado, Ryan Estrella, & Marge Lyford.

MINUTES of the January meeting were approved as written.


  • Abbreviated report this month - only income data for January and February to date.
  • Of note - Eviction Prevention received $781.20 from greeting card sales, $1,100 from Friends Meeting, and the Neighborhood Association received $900 from Christ Memorial.


  • First Unitarian has established a new fund for single adults, which will complement the Allied Partner eviction prevention fund.
  • Mentioned a new program getting established in this area. - “Safe Families for Children” Families take in homeless children in emergency situation. Average stay - 40 days
  • Ryan is leaving his position in Allied Neighborhood. Will be transferring to Badger Rd Neighborhood. Erica Anderson will take his place in April.

    FOOD PANTRY by Eileen

  • No changes, still using reserve funds to supplement church giving.

    WELLNESS CENTER Highlights from written report by Gloria Menadier-Farr

  • UW Health Students presented program on living with asthma at Welcomers meeting.
  • Rent Smart and Equal Opportunity Commission preparing training for Welcomers and neighborhood residents.
  • The Breakfast Club is going well. They held their annual dinner with present and former participants and families present.
  • ShopKo Grant; During the past month, more than 12 families and three teens were supplied with personal hygiene products as well as laundry detergent.

    ALLIED COOP by Susan

  • Current focus is weatherization. There are funds to send residents for training.
  • A grant proposal has been submitted to the Community Development Authority for an outdoor facility.


  • 65 to 70 residents attended the community meal January 25th. It was sponsored by Nick who owns many Allied apartments. The program focused on learning about rental records.
  • The most recent mobile food pantry had poorer attendance than usual - 48 families.
  • The 4th issue of the community newsletter is being worked on. Need help with funding.
  • The Brotherhood boys groups continues to meet every Wednesday. Funds or food contributions are needed to continue the evening meal.
  • Will start working on the Allied neighborhood watch soon.


  • Jack showed the videotape he made about the Allied neighborhood and Allied Partner projects in 2005.
  • Consensus that the video was well made and gave a good message. Need to update the photos to include Revival Ridge and Boy’s and Girls Club and decide on the story we want to tell.
  • Jack is unable to start working on a new video until this summer.

    NEXT MEETING - Tuesday, March 26, 4PM at Revival Ridge.