Minutes of the
Allied Partners Meeting
November 27, 2012

PRESENT; Eileen Dresser, Ryan Estrella, Ruth Hoffman Hein, Jack Tiffany, Sue Bridson, Selena Pettigrew, Gloria Menadier-Farr, Pamela Gates, Marge Lyford.

Eileen opened the meeting with a prayer.

TREASURER’S REPORT - -Jack reported that he had troubles with his printer and the reports he brought were not all correct. He will bring the correct reports for distribution next month. - Ruth clarified that the contribution from Westminster was from the Mission Committee. FOOD PANTRY - Eileen -The turkey basket give-away went well, although they received only $500 to pay for supplies. The rest of the expenses will come from their budget. -The food pantry ordered 180 turkeys and only 145 people signed up. Extra turkeys were given to Boys and Girls club and other individuals. -Selena thanked Eileen for the baskets on behalf of the neighborhood. - -The food pantry used $1,000 from their budget for groceries last month because the government subsidies are down so much. EVICTION PREVENTION - Ryan -The current balance in the eviction prevention fund is $500. . -Seven individuals and their families received help from the fund last month Ryan observed the the problem of homelessness seems worst than ever. - Last month he worked with 10 families who were living in their car. Salvation Army is usually full and bus drivers have reported seeing people sleeping on the ground - Ryan will check with the Road Home project to see whether they could take more homeless when a family doesn’t show. - Another problem many homeless have is lack of transportation to places where they might receive help. Gloria suggested that we bring this situation to our congregations. Perhaps church members might volunteer to be on a list to be called if transportation is needed. ALLIED COOP No report. WELLNESS CENTER - Gloria - The center had 106 contacts in October. -The focus for the Welcomer’s monthly meeting was nutrition. UW med students helped.- - They hope to finish phase 2 of the Rent Smart Training soon. - Nehemiah is donating warm clothes for Welcomers who are doing outreach. - The breakfast Club has returned and doing well. Gloria will contact Jackie to get info on their topics so she can share with Allied Partners. - The community Halloween party was wonderful event. More than 75 families came! - The Welcomers and other organizations canvassed the community to promote a strong turnout for the election. ALLIED/DUNN’S MARSH NEIGHBORHOOD - Selma - The next issue of the community newsletter is close to publication. - Problem of bedbugs in one apartment. Meetings taking place to decide on appropriate action. - Voting turnout good despite adverse weather. - - Mt. Zion Baptist will help with coats for kids. - 350 neighbors were served at The Thanksgiving Community dinner at the Boys and Girls Club. Donations from organizations and the Boys and Girls Club paid for expenses. - The Changing Times boy’s group continues to meet on Wednesday PM. Food donations are still needed for their meetings. Sandwiches and fruit are fine. 10 to 15 boys attend. Volunteers call Selena or Kally Farrens at 239-1700. OTHER CONCERNS - Contacting Member Congregations Jack reported that he will not be able to work on a video until next summer or fall. Ideas: Start with congregations that have been involved in the past. - Offer to make a short presentation about Allied Partners. - Presenters would be a team...one from the Partners and one from the neighborhood. - Selena offered to solicit team members from the neighborhood. - Pam and Sue offered to be on a team. - Need an outline of what to present. Possibly based on the brochure. Or stories. - Jack will put together a report on churches contributions from past 2 to 3 years so that presenters can say “We appreciate your gift of $__ __in (year).” -Jack will ask Susan to send out the current project descriptions and mailing directions. - Ruth will start a list of congregations to contact. NEXT MEETING December 18, 2012 @ 4PM. Selena will reserve the Revival Ridge Meeting Room.