Allied Partners Meeting
July 24, 2012

PRESENT: Sue Bridson, Sina Davis, Jack Tiffany, Gloria Menadier-Farr, Selena Pettigrew, Susan Corrado, Vicki Harris, Eileen Dresser, Michelle Coker, Marge Lyford & Ryan Estrella

Two new members were welcomed. Vicki Harris is the new Family Engagement Coordinator for Boys and Girls Club and Michelle Coker is an AmeriCorps Vista worker.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The minutes were approved as written after the correcting the spelling of Selena's name with the Neighborhood Association report.

TREASURER'S REPORT by Jack. Sue questioned the labeling of the group of Presbyterian Women who gave a total of $1,900 last month. The group should be called Westminster Presbyterian Women. The report was accepted as corrected. Jack mentioned that it would be good to review the percentages we have been using for undesignated donations. Jack will check with First Baptist church about their intentions re a recent undesignated donation of $600.

WELLNESS CENTER REPORT by Gloria. The topic for the June Welcomers monthly meeting was "Caring for the Community". One important event was participating in The Race for the Cure. The Welcomers partnered with the neighborhood association and their mother's group to honor fathers in the community and provide them with gift bags which included certificates for various services in their community. The Wellness Center is approaching full coverage which will allow residents to have weekly access to medical support given by an RN or other experienced medical provider. The center participated in the initial gathering of the GEMS group to support an overnight stay at the Youth of Color conference held in Madison. Also the center in partnership of other community organizations, successfully participated in the startup of the new Fresh Mobile project.

EVICTION PREVENTION REPORT: Ryan reported on an instance when Allied Partner funds assisted someone outside of the Allied neighborhood. It involved a woman who lived in the neighborhood. She had been in an abusive relationship which ended when her three year old son was killed by his father and he was arrested. Eviction Prevention funds helped the woman relocate to another apartment outside of the Allied area. The action was approved by the Allied Partners who were present.

FOOD PANTRY REPORT by Eileen. Currently the food pantry is well supplied with food and meat. Eileen is thankful for new volunteers from the neighborhood.

ALLIED COMMUNITY COOP REPORT by Susan. The Coop has recently lost it's major funding. However the board is continuing to write new grant proposals and look for new funding sources. Michelle, the new VISTA Americorps worker will be working to do capacity building with the coop and other organizations, plus resident engagement. The Coop's current activities include a recycling program, development of a food cart and the start up of an organic cider slushie cart. The Mothers in the Neighborhood group is having a second anniversary dance on August 25th.

ALLIED NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION REPORT by Selena. The new group for boys between ages 12 - 17 years is meeting once a week on Wednesdays at 6 PM. They need help with donations for snacks since there is no funding for the group. Ryan mentioned that he might have a fund source available to provide for snacks. The newsletter should be out in a couple of weeks. Still trying to get permission for community locations where they can place a kiosk (message centers). The GEMS group is doing well. They have 25 middle school age girls participating 2 times a week for 3 hours each session. The neighborhood has received a nice donation from the Church of Christ Memorial Church. The mobile food pantry is serving about 75 families month.

OTHER CONCERNS: Susan volunteered to compose a letter to send out to the member congregations.

NEXT MEETING: August 28, 2012 - 4 PM Revival Ridge Meeting Room

Recorded by Marge Lyford