Allied Partners Meeting
June 26, 2012

PRESENT: Eileen Dresser, Sue Bridson, Ruth Hoffman Hein, Marge Lyford, Jack Tiffany, Dorothy Krause, Gloria Menadier-Farr, Selena Pettigrew, Linda Ketcham, and Sina Davis.

Eileen called the meeting to order and opened with a prayer.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: After correcting the spelling of Sue Bridson's last name, the minutes were accepted as written.

TREASURER'S REPORT by Jack: Activities of the Allied Neighborhood Association are still not showing up on the report Jack receives from MUM. Linda will work for better communications about transactions between Jack and MUM's book keeper. The treasurer's report was accepted as written.

WELLNESS CENTER REPORT by Gloria: The Welcomers group had it's final health education meeting with the U W students before their summer break. The topic was dependency and the use of alcohol and other drugs. They had a good turn out. The focus for this month's Walk N Talk group was on appreciating nature and it's beauties as well as offering support to families in need. The Wellness Center is encouraging members of the neighborhood to become active in providing services for the community. Also the center would like to become more involved with neighborhood senior citizens.

EVICTION PREVENTION REPORT by Gloria: Ryan Estrella, was unable to be present but sent a written report. He recently arranged for $1700 of eviction prevention funds to help neighborhood residents and is continuing to advocate for families who have had their power cut off with MGE. Ryan is also working with the Wellness Center and Neighborhood Association to determine air conditioned locations where residents can go to be in a cool enviornment during the heat wave. Providing transportation is a problem.

FOOD PANTRY REPORT by Eileen: Things are going well. Eileen had help unloading the truck and there's plenty of food in the pantry at present. Volunteers are still needed for the Wednesday pantries.

ALLIED COMMUNITY COOP REPORT by Sina: Ruth Hoffman Hein gave a good presentation about post-partum depression to neighborhood mothers. There was a good turn out for the father's day dinner. A group went on a field trip to Goodman's Pool. A fishing group has formed, They will fish together at Brittingham Park on Saturdays. At the first event five men, one woman and grandchildren participated. The Fresh Mobile and Food Carte will be in the neighborhood this week.

ALLIED DUNN'S MARSH NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION REPORT by Selma. The neighborhood had a n effective “get out the vote” drive including tables at JFF and the Coop and door to door canvasing, resulting in a very good turnout of neighborhood residents at the election. Boys and Girls Club has hired a parent advocacy person. Abundant Grace Church hosted a community meal. Turnout was good. The association is sponsoring a new group for teenage boys. The hope is for men to get involved. A second edition of the neighborhood newsletter will be published soon. Still working on a place for a kiosk.

MUM REPORT by Linda: Rent Smart, a curriculum about tenants' rights, is now available. Volunteers in the neighborhood are being trained in it's use. Due to regulation changes, landlords can now legally ask for a down payment of six months rent before accepting a new renter. A real concern! The Affordable Housing Action Alliance is presenting a community briefing on housing and homelessness on June 26th at the city county building.

OTHER CONCERNS   Gloria will contact Susan and Ryan about meeting to plan how we can reach out to Allied Partner congregations and recruit new Allied Partners.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 at 4 PM.

Recorded by Marge Lyford