Allied Partners Meeting
April 24, 2012

PRESENT: Eileen Dresser, Shirley Robbins, Selena Pettigrew, Gloria Menadier-Farr, Jack Tiffany, Marge Lyford, Ruth Hoffman Hein, and Alice Howard.

Eileen called the meeting to order and opened with a prayer. Because of a conflict in scheduling rooms at the Boys and Girls Club, Allied Partners met in the community room of Revival Ridge.

MINUTES of the February 28 and March 27 meeting were accepted as written.

TREASURER’S REPORT by Jack. The treasurer’s report was accepted as printed. Jack is concerned that he has had no report from MUM about the $100 from the Special Projects fund that was approved by Allied Partners at the March meeting. The funds were to be used to buy jump ropes and other items for children and youth to use in the park. Jack mentioned that the other Allied Partner funds have specific procedures to ensure accountability and record keeping, but that we have not developed procedures for the special projects fund.

It was proposed that when dispersements from the special projects fund are requested that a written request form be brought to an Allied Partner meeting for approval. If approved, Jack would sign it and it could then be submitted to MUM. Ruth volunteered to check with MUM about the availability of a voucher that would be appropriate. If not available, she will write a draft voucher. What happened to the $100 and the proposed dispersement procedure for Special Projects will be on the agenda for the May meeting.

WELLNESS CENTER REPORT by Gloria. The Welcomers will be recognized for their services and a receive $1000 from United Way of Dane County. Also they are raising funds for muscular dystrophy. Highlights from the Month of March report: A very good program on domestic violence was presented by UW health students and the Welcomer’s team. The topic for the senior past health educational session focused on self-help education awareness of opportunities with in the community and city at large.

EVICTION PREVENTION: No report this month.

FOOD PANTRY REPORT by Eileen. Only positive written suggestions have been placed in the suggestion box. Eric, a neighborhood resident, has been helping to unload food supplies from trucks and carry heavy loads. More volunteers are needed.

ALLIED COMMUNITY CO-OP UPDATE: Shirley read a written report by Susan Corrado who couldn’t attend the meeting because of a scheduled activity with youth. Highlights include: - They have been working with the U.W. law school on their bylaws and organizational structure. - They have had training on recycling from University environmental groups and are working with Boys and Girls Club children and youth. - They have been collaborating with the Neighborhood Association on the Freshmobile project, a mobile food market at discounted prices selling foods approved by WIC and EBT. - Two residents went to a rag rug weaving class so that they will be able to teach the technique. - The Parent Group and the Youth forum will be meeting to plan for children’s activities for the summer. - The food cart group is making progress on plans to operate a food cart in the neighborhood. Need to be able to use a commercial kitchen. Westminister Presbyterian may not be available. Alice suggested asking Christ Memorial Lutheran, or Second Baptist churches,

ALLIED NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION by Selena. They’re still working on the Community Newsletter. Should be published next week. Selena has been involved in negotiating a tenant - landlord dispute and will be scheduling a meeting of the two parties. She has consulted with Fair Housing. There is a notice posted about a Vista worker position. There will be a grand opening in June for the Fresh Mobile. It will be parked near the Boys and Girls Club on Tuesdays and Fridays.

ALLIED NEIGHBORHOOD MATTERS by Alice. She requested donations for Bingo prizes and volunteers and funding for the pasta meal the last Wednesday of the month. Eileen suggested having a potluck meal and white elephant objects for bingo prizes. The GED glasses are going well. Four people are taking the test.

SUPPORT FROM CHURCHES needs to be on the agenda for the May meeting.

NEXT MEETING: May 22 at 4 PM. Site to be determined. Alice will check about the possibility of reserving the activity room in the Revival Ridge buiding.

Recorded by Marge Lyford