Allied Partners Meeting
March 27, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Gloria Manadier-Farr, Jack Tiffany, Dorothy Krause, Selena Pettigrew, Marge Lyford, Alice Howard, Ryan Estrella, Shirley Robbins, Linda Ketcham, Sue Bridson, Eileen Dresser, Sina Davis, Margaret Hinkle, Barry Hayes, Jennifer Geng and Ruth Hoffman Hein.

Meeting was called to order by Eileen Dresser at 5:05 p.m. There was a correction to the minutes from last month made regarding Good Shephard which was corrected and Gloria Manadier name was misspelled all was corrected.

TREASURER REPORT was given by Jack. Jack informed us that the food pantry has asked that their financial reporting be done differently, they want to have only their operating expenses reported. Other funds will not be shown.

There is still a misunderstanding on how the Neighborhood Association funds are put into their account at MUM. Linda will check with Katherine the person that post items to the account. Maybe we need a better way of reporting these funds.

The greeting cards are doing fine we now have a new collection of spring cards and hopefully some of us will take some to other churches and other meetings and sell them. They help with funds for eviction prevention and they are 6 for $20.00

WELLNESS CENTER report was given by Gloria. The Welcomers are still meeting and focusing on recruiting and their education. They are trying to seek a low cost training and in service for their program. Their Walk and talk is still thriving and they appreciate their community and current events. The Lovely ladies of Allied met and decided to stay inside for the purpose of revising discussion notes and routes for walking. They have taken on more responsibility and are still trying to recruit more welcomers so that it will be one for each building.

EVICITION PREVENTION report was given by Ryan. There are still funds in the account at this time. The criteria for each person is $350.00 per person for 2 years. Normally its $200 for rent and $150 for utilities. Ryan was concerned about the best way to handle special requests. He asked for volunteers that could help with the requests. Gloria and Selena agreed to help Ryan out.

FOOD PANTRY report was given by Eileen, she had 4 positive remarks. They need help to unload the CAC truck on the 4th Monday about 10:30 am and other donations every Tuesday between 10 and 12. They only give out food from 53711 zip codes and 53719.

ALLIED COMMUNITY CO-OP report was given by Sina, they had a dance Friday . They are working on a recycling program. They are working with the Boys & Girls Club students. Food cart is moving along. Mothers are having a dance on August 25th. We also have a parenting group that meet the 3rd Tues of the month.

ALLIED DUNN MARSH NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION report was given by Selena, there isnít much going on at this time. We are working on the newsletter in partnership with the co op, and it will be distributed sometime in April. We are also planning a Youth Forum at this time we are having several planning meetings so we can find out what the youth want, what we can do for them before summer start.

Sina voiced her opinion regarding children being out of school for clean up week and having nothing to do, wish we had ropes and other items for the kids to play with in the park. $50 was donated for this cause, and Jack asked if we could take $100 out of the special fund account for this, it was voted upon and passed.

Ryan spoke about fundraising. How we could reach out to churches for fund raising. We could invite churches to come out to a community meal, specifically for them and engage them in different discussions. It would be nice for them to feel a connection to the community. Maybe we could tape some of the resident stories and show those. We could make up a neighborhood song. We may need to revise where and how the money is spent in the correspondence being sent to the churches. We will continue this discussion at a later date.

Next meeting will be April 24th at 4:00 p.m. Meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Minutes by Selena Pettigrew
April 21, 2012