Allied Partners - October 25, 2011

PRESENT; Ruth Hoffman Hein, Sue Bridson, Diane Williams, Jack Tiffany, Sina Davis, Susan Corrado, Gloria Menadier-Farr, Mike Bodden & Marge Lyford.

Meeting called to order by Linda, convenor. Introductions followed.

MINUTES of the September 27, 2011 meeting approved as written.

TREASURERíS REPORT presented by Jack. $45 has been submitted for the eviction prevention fund, but MUM is unable to identify who sent it. The current balance in the eviction prevention fund is $204. Linda reported that she is keeping Joe Parisi and Dane County Board members informed of how much the faith communities are already contributing for those in need. A concern has been expressed that there is no money in the Neighborhood Association fund. However it is possible a $200 check for the fund from a Westminster womenís group has been misplaced. It will be checked out. The financial report was accepted as written.

UPDATE ON FOOD PANTRY AND NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION A written report was distributed about a meeting of representatives of Allied Partners, the Allied Neighborhood Assoc, and the food pantry committee. Attending were Eileen Dresser, Selena Pettigrew, Connie Weisse, Mike Bodden. Susan Corrado and Jack Tiffany. The following issues were addressed:

- Thanksgiving baskets. Turkeys are not provided by the government this year, so if provided the panty would have to pay for them. The issue was thoroughly discussed and feelings were communicated, but a definite decision was not made about the contents of the baskets.

- Resident involvement. The issue of whether to have neighborhood resident involvement in decision making and the work of the pantry was discussed. Eileenís opinion was that if people volunteer to work, they can help make decisions.

- The process for volunteering as a neighborhood representative: The neighborhood association would screen applications. Qualifications for the volunteer include dependability. There would be no preferential treatment. The volunteer would need to be age 18 or older and physically able. To volunteer, the person should call Eileen at 698-9922. Eileen will assign the volunteer a schedule. The volunteer role would include communicating back to the neighborhood association and the food pantry committee. Sina announced that Donna Waller and Minnie Rogers will serve as the neighborhood representatives and Sina will be a backup.

WELLNESS CENTER - Gloria reports strong involvement for the September events. The monthly meeting went well. UW health students presented program on stress. There was good collaboration for Back to School night and the Breakfast Club is going well. The center will be hosting a Halloween party for the community.

NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION - Sina reported that the Allied Gems (girls group) is continuing. The neighborhood watch is going strong. Representatives of the Dept. of Transportation are coming to their next meeting about future plans for the intersection.

FOOD PANTRY Mike reported that things are going well.

C0-OP UPDATE by Susan. Sina and Susan have moved their office to the former Craft Building. They are involving residents in naming the new co-op. Also asking them what for ideas to improve the neighborhood.

COMMUNITY UPDATE Sina reported that mothers in the neighborhood are meeting. Also some are volunteering at the single womenís shelter.

MUM Linda expressed concerns about political issues: An assembly bill that would allow employers to refuse employment to anyone with unpardoned convictions will likely pass. And a pending senate bill would hurt the chances of finding housing for any one with a conviction record. Also she is concerned about budget cuts by the County. Urged us to contact county supervisors. A group of pastors have visited the County Board and stated that churches can no longer provide safety nets. Only good news is that the mayorís budget did not cut human services.

NEXT MEETING November 22 at 4PM. Susan will convene the meeting.