ALLIED PARTNERS: - August 23, 2011

Present: Mike Bodden, Susan Corrado, Sina Davis, Ruth Hoffman Hein, Linda Ketcham, Dorothy Krause, Marge Lyford, Selena Pettigrew, Shirley Robbins, Jack Tiffany.

Selected unanimously as Convener for today, Susan opened the meeting. This position will rotate from meeting to meeting.

Moved by Ruth and seconded by Linda that the July minutes be approved as presented. Motion carried.

BY-LAWS - Considered changes made in the section on financial management of the various projects. Considered Executive Committee positions: As stated above, the Convener will be in rotation. Treasurer will not be rotated. Secretary has asked to be relieved, either by rotation or by selecting a new Secretary. Contact Person---Decided that the official address will be MUM (2300 S. Park St. Suite 2022, 53711, with Linda the "Person" there. Decided that the official e-mail address will be:
  <Allied> [sic - address cannot include a space] (to be set up by Susan), with Susan as the "Person" for this contact. This information will be on a new version of the brochure.
Moved by Jack to approve these changes; seconded by Selena; motion carried. Susan will make a final copy of the By-Laws, with the title "Allied Partners By-Laws, adopted August 23, 2011".

NEIGHBORHOOD - Selena - The recent Festival was excellent, with a big crowd, a team effort, the kids had a ball. It was also a lot of work.
The Neighborhood Watch program to patrol the streets on Friday and Saturday nights had a good first week, well organized and equipped. But since then participation has dropped off. The effort will continue. Suggestion: emphasize it as a social event, to keep people's interest and enjoyment.
"Allied Gems", a new group for girls 10 to 13, has been wildly successful. They want to continue and may have to depend on donations.
The next Community Meal will be September 30, a "back-to-school" event for parents, supported by organizations in the neighborhood.
---Four-year-old Kindergarten begins Sep. 6 at the Boys and Girls Club.

FINANCIAL REPORT - Jack - Year-to-date total almost @36,000.

FOOD PANTRY - Mike had sent a memo to all, explaining that the Food Pantry operating group noted that Food Pantry funds must be used only for Food Pantry needs. (The Boys and Girls Club provides space and utilities for a token $200 per month.) The question came up because help had been given to some non-pantry projects.
A desire has been expressed by neighborhood leaders that a resident should be a member of the operating group. Mike emphasized that this group is not an official Board, but is just a group of four people (plus Mike, Emeritus) who run the pantry. Any addition would have to be a reliable, committed, very long-term volunteer at the pantry. Input was received from all Partners present. The outcome was the thought that assuming this responsibility by a resident would be in harmony with Allied Partners' aim that Neighborhood residents will "take charge" of their community as far as possible. Mike will take these thoughts to the operating group. Linda suggested that A.P. submit a request in writing to the persons whom Mike designates as the "principals". He will do this by email.

ADMNA - Sina - Reported on changes and activities, and the work of committees.

CO-OP - Susan submitted a report from the Coop Structure Sub Committee, dealing with program focus, voting, conflict of interest, decision-making, and legal status.

MUM - Linda - City and County budgets will be ugly and it is not looking good for human services.

GRANT - Dorothy is working on a grant for the community, emphasizing gardens along the bike path, landscaping around buildings, using volunteers - also a focus on safety and security.