Present: Eileen Dresser, Ryan Estrella, Ruth Hoffman Hein, Alice Howard, Linda Ketcham, Dorothy Krause, Marge Lyford, Gloria Menadier-Farr, Selena Pettigrew, Shirley Robbins, Rhea Schultz, Jack Tiffany.

Jack presided. First agenda item: the 2011 Budget. Jack's printer messed up the revised budget printouts, so Jack will email a correct final budget to all members for approval. We discussed the new line item for the Neighborhood Association, and a revised Special Projects item. It was moved by Marge and seconded by Eileen that we allocate $300 from the current Special Projects Fund for color printing of the brochure and the accompanying letters and for postage for the mailing. Motion carried.

Ryan reported that the Eviction Prevention screening process and the granting of housing requests are working smoothly. Ryan has been sending thank you notes to donors, and Linda will see that he gets the names.

It is the consensus that we should meet on the third Tuesday and that 4:00 to 5:30 should remain the time, though rush hour traffic is a problem.

Dorothy presented model letters to be sent to pastors, social action chairs, and congregation leaders (tailored to the recipients), and also the new brochure. The group gave her hearty thanks for her work! Her committee will finalize the letters, and will call for help with a "stuffing party" when ready.

Food Pantry (Eileen) - a current issue is that since the Boys and Girls Club is applying for a day care license, there will be strict rules for the use and condition of the day care space. That means that the Food Pantry will need new storage space. A storage unit is to be built in the gym, cost to be split between the Food Pantry and the Club.

Wellness Center (Gloria): going well - welcomers' group, Breakfast Club (support group); volunteer medical providers for each week; gratitude to the Great Dane Pub for enormous Christmas gifts for 10 selected families. Susan Corrado has retired but will continue to support staff through consulting. The Cooperative: The Allied Community Theater dress rehearsal performance was a huge success. Dorothy suggested that churches might invite ACT to perform at their locations as fundraisers.

Neighborhood Association (Selena and Alice): We are urged to attend community meals; next is January 28, 6 to 8 p.m., program by 911 staff, at Boys and Girls Club, meal sponsored by Mad City Street Soldiers.

Volunteers are need for outreach in the neighborhood. NA is applying for a grant for a kiosk for neighborhood information. Also they want to start an Allied newsletter, and for now will have a spot in "Voices". A GED class is starting, and money will be needed for graduates to take the test at the end ($65 each). Idea - a church could "adopt" a graduate. The computer class also requires a fee. The NA's monthly meeting is held in Revival Ridge (the new apartments), all welcome. Weekly bingo is going well as a chance to socialize, with prizes provided from Christ Memorial Lutheran and others.

Financial Report: Jack explained how the current reporting form was developed. Discussion of how to recognize churches who provide volunteers but not money; possibly a special letter, or special note in letters.

By-Laws: There are questions about the nature of the Allied Partners organization, such as who is "in charge", who does what, what is the structure, do we have rules or guidelines, what do we need to have in writing? Linda moved that this discussion be tabled for the next meeting; motion seconded by Alice and carried.

NEXT MEETING: FEBRUARY 15 (third Tuesday), 4 to 5:30 p.m., at the Boys and Girls Club on Jenewein Dr.

Shirley Robbins, Recorder