ALLIED PARTNERS: December 14, 2010, 4:00 to 5:45 p.m. - Minutes

Present: Mike Bodden, Susan Corrado, Eileen Dresser, Mona Dudley, Ryan Estrella, Ruth Hoffman Hein, Alice Howard, Christina Kantor, Dorothy Krause, Marge Lyford, Gloria Menadier-Farr, Selena Pettigrew, Shirley Robbins, Rhea Schultz, Jack Tiffany, and three others whose names I did not get, sorry.

Jack chaired the meeting.

1. Ryan asked if AP would be ok with his working with another person (possibly from Community Action Coalition) on housing intakes. This would allow him to focus on other tasks while the other person would receive calls. Suggestions from the group: hire a resident who would not be responsible for money but would be getting valuable training and experience. Problem: confidentiality, partiality. Also: work with the Basic Needs Fund of the Neighborhood Association. Ryan said he would take plenty of time to make any change and will update AP on it.

2. Wellness Center written report submitted. Christina noted that there is no AP representative on the Wellness Center Board; having one would help the WC work more closely with AP. An announcement about this will be (has already been as of this writing) sent to the member churches for their bulletins/newsletters. It was suggested that the WC Annual Report (which was given out today) be sent to all the pastors; Susan may send it to the Google list.

3. Financial Report (Y-to-date, Nov., and 2010 summary) given out. A question arose about the contents of the Thanksgiving baskets. Eileen explained the process of balancing nutrition and what residents like (as the Pantry understood that), and of procuring foods. She made a list of resident suggestions for next year. Eileen said that the FP needs more volunteers from AP churches. One suggestion: have a "commitment quota" of volunteers from each church.

4. 2011 Budget: Jack gave out a printed proposed budget, and noted that for 2010 we are very much behind on our intention for Eviction Prevention and the Wellness Center. This is partly due to the current terrible economy. Idea: send a request letter to businesses. Discussion of the Special Projects category: could it be re-named "Neighborhood Association Fund"? This would be used for any neighborhood needs. ADMNA leaders present stated that the neighborhood needs money! The current Basic Needs Fund of the ADMNA has debts and is losing ground.

5. Budget action: Jack noted that time is short, this budget is tentative, and we need to present it to the churches, asking them to include it in their budgets. Moved by Mona that we add a line item to the budget to include $1,000 for the ADMNA. Motion seconded and carried. This will be added to the list of options for congregations to donate funds to, in the letter being mailed out in January. It is agreed that these funds will be used at the discretion of ADMNA for things such as community meals, supplies, and children's activities.

A member of AP encouraged members present to also continue approaching other donors. It is the hope to raise the $1,000, and more. However, in these times, it's hard to depend on that. Also, the Association is asked to let Marge and others who are working on the letter know some of the key features, goals and accomplishments of the Association. These can then be highlighted to congregations when asking for funds.

Also, after discussion, it was the consensus to leave the Special Projects Fund at $1,000 for now. We'll try to raise that, but that fund may have to be redefined in the future. Now that there is a line item for the ADMNA of $1,000, the Special Projects Fund may not be needed in the future, since that was the main use.

The financial budget forecast to be voted on included a $45,000 proposed budget for 2011 presented by Jack Tiffany. In light of the line item added for $1,000 to the ADMNA, it will now be a $46,000 proposed budget for 2011.

It was moved and seconded that we adopt the proposed budget of $46,000 for the Allied Partners balanced fund of all projects. The updated and revised version will be completed in writing and recorded, with the addition of percentages to go to each fund, which will be decided at the next AP meeting.

Meeting adjourned. NEXT: JANUARY 11, 2011, 4 TO 5:30 P.M., BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB.

Shirley Robbins, Recording Secretary, with "Budget Action" section by Mona Dudley.