ALLIED PARTNERS: November 16, 2010 - Minutes

Present: Eileen Dresser, Jack Tiffany, Dorothy Krause, Marge Lyford, Ruth Hoffman Hein, Rhea Schultz, Gloria Farr, Vanessa McDowell, Selena Pettigrew, Sina B. Davis, Mona Dudley


Dorothy distributed sample/mock-up of new brochures for Allied Partners and asked for comments. There will be a certain number of brochures printed in color (depending on cost) to be sent to churches, but also will be a number of black & white printed for handout purposes. Once the copy is finalized, the decision will be made about the type of printing, etc. (next meeting). January is the projected month to send these out. For any comments/ideas about the brochure, please contact Dorothy at


Marge handed out copies of letters in the past to be discussed for ideas/comments. Ideas mentioned were to place short testimonials from residents in the letter or other accompanied material. This would help give churches a better idea of how their pledges are being used and the good it will serve. The idea of including a pledge handout with suggested amounts was discussed the opinions are mixed. This will be decided at next meeting. For ideas on the letter, etc., please email Marge at

Email List:

New system for emailing discussed, Dorothy was officially designated email manager of the project.

Web Site:

Discussed web site maintenance. Big thank you to Bob Park for all of the work in the past regarding the site. He is no longer able to participate in that. Dorothy Krause has a person in mind to help get the site back in order and updated, perhaps a new look. She will make contact with him. Then we can maintain it from there. A sub-committee will be formed to consistently work on this in the future.

Upcoming Community Events:

Food Pantry Thanksgiving Baskets, Community Thanksgiving Dinner at YMCA, Boys & Girls Club Celebration event- Nov. 19th, Community Meal, December 17th (Housing and Education theme), ACT - Dec 4th at 1:30.

Wellness Center:

See report handed out by Gloria. Highlights include: 51 persons seen, with 77 contacts in October. Last community meal very successful, great turnout for basketball tournament at Boys & Girls Club, Friday Stories of Change will now be named the Breakfast Club and is moved to the Boys & Girls Club.

Financial Report:

Jack Tiffany presented the report. Noted the Eviction Prevention Fund is very low and is at a critical level. However, Women of Westminster Presbyterian said they will be donating more funds soon.

Other discussion:

Selena Pettigrew of ADMNA asked if the Allied Partners Group would think about permanently designating a fund specifically for the ADMNA, rather than noting it as a special project each time. The hope is to be able to use the funds at their discretion whatever is most needed at that time and to lean on a more fixed amount for the Association. She and others will make a presentation regarding this at the next meeting, at which time a vote will be cast.

Next meeting set for December 14, 2010 at 4pm.

Respectfully submitted by Mona Dudley