ALLIED PARTNERS - November 12, 2008

Present: Mary Jean Bartholomew, Mike Bodden, Cheryl Caruso, Susan Corrado, Loree and Wynn Davies, Michelle Horton, Alice Howard, Marge Lyford, Barbara Marquez (Observer from Milwaukee School of Social work), Shirley Robbins, Alex Thornburg, Jack Tiffany, Connie Weiss.

Introductions were made. Opening reflection by Susan, about achieving true peace.

It was moved by Susan and seconded by Wynn to accept the minutes of the previous meeting with appreciation. Motion carried.

Jack reviewed his printed financial report, noting that we are far from achieving our pledge to the Wellness Center: of our $15,500 pledge, only $9,600 has been given. However, 141% of the total Allied Partners 2008 budget has been received.

Food Pantry: Mike said that customers at the Food Pantry are increasingly not from the neighborhood, and are not typical of this area - they are just people who are coming up short of money in this economy. So far, the Pantry has not run out of food. He pointed out a huge donation from Roundy's of food and $2,500. Grocery bags, nicely organized, are needed at the Pantry.

Wellness Center: Susan presented a printed report, listing the many ongoing programs, such as flu clinic, Healthy House, Book Club, PhotoVoice (which will soon have a gallery night so we can see their work), AIDS Network, Badger Care Plus, asthma. She said that JFF is starting sign-up for their Christmas gift give-away.

Eviction Prevention: Mary Jean distributed Dianne's written report. Alice said that there is education being done on conserving energy , but it is hard for people, they don't like to be "cold", especially with babies and small children. The buildings are not energy efficient, and landlords don't want to fix that. Ryan will talk to MG&E.

Neighborhood Association: Alice said that the recent community meal was good and that the newspaper will soon be out. She announced the third annual Triple-A Banquet to be held this Saturday, 6 to 9, at the Boys and Girls Club. Donations as well as ticket sales are welcome. Wynn moved that Allied Partners buy a table for ten ($250) for the banquet. Motion seconded by Jack and carried. Anyone able to come will notify Alex; if not ten, the remaining seats can be for residents. Alice also said that the Assoc. is using space at the Time Bank as an office, and will have an open house soon. The Time Bank store is now open Monday and Friday from 11 to 5, Tuesday from 12 to 4, Wednesday 1 to 4. Donations of small items are welcome (toiletries, kids clothes, etc.). The Allied Neighborhood Task Force has given $1400 to the Neighborhood Association for phone service, and additional donations for programs such as transportation to jobs.

Boys and Girls Club: Cheryl noted the Christ Presbyterian Christmas Party for kids, a food clinic by Public Health Dane planned for two Food Pantry days, a possible diabetes screening, and a four-session training in Microsoft Word which she will give in December. People are being encouraged to sign up for Badger Care Plus (children under 19). BGC will have a giving tree at West Towne, with "wishes" on cards. People can leave unwrapped gifts under the tree. BGC needs donations of wrapping paper and tape by December 1. It was suggested that this project may overlap with the JFF gift project, and Alice noted that very young children (birth to 3 or 4) are often left out of these plans.

New Business: Alex said that he has been Moderator for 2008 and that it is good to have change. Since Linda Ketcham has been Co-Moderator, with the expectation that she would succeed Alex for 2009, a Nominating Committee was formed (Jack and Mary Jean) to check with Linda on this; also with the Treasurer and Secretary, and find a new Co-Moderator.

Next Meeting: It is planned to make this a brief meeting to confirm the new officers, then enjoy a "party". Date - December 10 (the usual day). Time - 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Place - Queen of Peace church. Pizza will be ordered. Each person is asked to bring a gift for JFF. Alex will e-mail everyone with details.

Shirley Robbins, Recorder