ALLIED PARTNERS - August 13, 2008

Present: Mary Jean Bartholomew, Mike Bodden, Cheryl Caruso, Jan Christian (Orchard Ridge UCC), Susan Corrado, Ryan Estrella, Alice Howard, Linda Ketcham, Leslie McAllister, Shirley Robbins, Sue Sawyer, Alex Thornburg, Jack Tiffany, Lena Trivedi (Urban League).

The meeting opened with the members' brief recounting of their summer highlights. On motion by Mary Jean and second by Sue, the minutes of the June meeting were approved as presented.

Treasurer's Report: Jack presented a thorough report of income for June, July, and August so far, with total income by source for 2006-Aug. 2008. We went down the list of churches and others contributing, to see which ones have representatives on the Board. Most do, others were one-time contributions. Thanks to Jack for this report!

Urban League Proposal
Lena Trivedi explained this proposal to deal with the employment issue of transportation to work places, for people who live in the Allied Drive neighborhood. The Urban League is developing a van system to provide accessible, usable transportation to first shift at FedEx, where it is hoped that 15 people will be able to establish a work history leading to permanent jobs there. Money is needed to fund this system for 30 days, after which the riders will buy tickets, funding the program themselves. Pledges for $2500 are needed by the end of this year. After discussion it was moved by Jack and seconded by Alice that Allied Partners, together with the Allied Task Force and the Allied Neighborhood Association, will commit to raising $2500 by the end of this year, so this project can go forward now. Motion carried. The Special Projects Fund will hold the contributions.

Food Pantry: Mike said that "way more" people are coming to the pantry, and way more new people. Food drives are needed now, more than at Thanksgiving. At that time, the Pantry will give out 150 turkey baskets to regular customers. CAC provides the turkeys (free) and the rest of the food @$15 each basket. Churches will be asked to donate money for this rather than food.

Wellness Center: Susan reported that ongoing programs, such as the Latino Garden, continue. She is planning a Women's Book Club, and is meeting with UW students involved in this year's health promotion programming, and with photographers and students involved in the Photovoice project. This is intended to raise consciousness about the impact of smoking on individuals and the community.

Eviction Prevention: Ryan noted that some families have been without utilities this summer, and he is working to get them all back on utilities.

Neighborhood Association
Alice said that the community meals are getting bigger, usually about 100 people, with a lot of children. They need activities for the kids and volunteers to help serve and clean up.
Sue Sawyer and Alice will coordinate a schedule with the churches for helpers and will draw up a list of volunteer duties.
Mary Jean had the schedule of churches providing lunches late in August, Alice has people scheduled to monitor behavior of the kids.
Alice said that the Association is working on the Time Bank project and is looking for a place for headquarters.
Leslie reported on redevelopment proceedings and the jobs offered. Alice noted that minority contractors, such as McGann, are meeting to form connections in the neighborhood.

Boys and Girls Club: Cheryl reported on the summer camp, and the upcoming backpack distribution.

Book Project: Sue S. said that the planning of the book project will be coordinated with reading projects in the schools, to avoid duplication of activities.

Meeting adjourned. NEXT MEETING: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 - 10:00 AM.

Shirley Robbins, Recorder