ALLIED PARTNERS - October 10, 2007

Present: Mary Jean Bartholomew, Mike Bodden, Sheryll Caruso (BGClub Family Resource), Fred Clark, Susan Corrado, Felicia Gray, Alice Howard, Linda Ketcham, Marge Lyford, Leslie McAllister, Shirley Robbins, Jack Tiffany.

Opening Thought: Linda, quoting William Sloane Coffin on the difference between charity and justice.

Minutes: Fred moved the adoption of the September minutes with a spelling correction ("stakeholders", not "stockholders"). Motion seconded by Susan and carried. Jack suggested extracting a policy statement from the Minutes to serve as permanent "by-laws". This will be done after the remaining questions from the Retreat have been dealt with.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Jack's printed report included the proposed budget for 2008. We discussed the problem of timely allocation of funds (and notification to the project leaders) so that thanks can be sent without delay. Jack, Dianne, and Mike will work out the process. Susan needs clarification of discrepancies in the amounts of funds reported given to the Wellness Center.
Discussion of the proposed budget. It was moved by Fred and seconded by Mike that we approve the budget; motion carried. Then the allocation percentages were considered and changes made: 36% (up from 34%) to the Wellness Center, and 42% (down from 44%^) to Eviction Prevention. Food Pantry will remain at 19% and Special Projects at 3%. This is a plan for 2008, subject to change for 2009. Fred moved that the allocation be approved. Motion seconded by Alice and carried.

WELLNESS CENTER: Susan described recent services and programs. A third volunteer doctor will be on hand each week. Volunteers will be coming for whatever needs doing on Saturday. Flu clinic on November 20. Recently she has spent much time on moving to 2225 Allied Drive, #2. Residents say this seems a more professional and comfortable space. Open House Oct. 27, 1 to 3 p.m.

SPECIAL PROJECTS: Mike reported that on the whole the church-provided children's lunches went well despite rain. He was unhappy about bad behavior by some boys on the last day - noise, rudeness, defiance. Alice was called in and said the boys eventually apologized. Jack, whose Friends group provided the lunch that day, said that his people thought it went well and were not so much bothered by the boys' behavior; they felt that Alice's presence brought control. This issue will be revisited before the next round of church lunches in 2008. How well-attended and appreciated was this project? How much bad behavior do we tolerate (enable?)?

FOOD PANTRY, EVICTION PREVENTION: Reports were submitted in print.

ANNOUNCEMENTS ---Alice spoke of the Allied Accountability Awards dinner on Nov. 10. Mike is to receive an award. Allied Partners will also receive an award, and Jack was nominated to accept it for A.P. All are urged to attend, at $25 a ticket. (This is a fund-raiser.) ---Susan asked that Barbara A., Director of the Play and Learn Group, may be the "Spotlight" speaker on our November agenda, to explain her group and ask for volunteer winter drivers for the families who cannot walk to the meetings. This was OK'd. ---Linda reminded us that MUM is selling the Bucky Books. ---Alice said that the African American Council of Churches is discussing how they can fill needs on Allied Drive. She asked that our video be shown at one of their meetings. Jack will do this.

UPDATE ON HOUSING: Leslie brought us up to date on City and Community Development Authority decisions and discussions concerning housing changes in the neighborhood. ---CDA and City of Madison have made agreements to work together and are planning the process. ---The Task Force will tackle employment and training issues. ---Nuisance Abatement: the City is threatening drug-abatement action against three buildings, and four others are designated for nuisance abatement action (court). Leslie went into detail on these three topics, with additional comments and information from Fred.

RETREAT QUESTIONS: Since there was not time to discuss the five remaining questions, a special meeting is scheduled:
November 7 (Wednesday) from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., at the Boys and Girls Club. Leslie will facilitate.

Next regular meeting: November 14, 10:00 a.m., BGClub.
Shirley Robbins, Recorder