ALLIED PARTNERS - June 13, 2007

Present: Rita Adair (JFF), Mary Jean Bartholomew (Westminster Presby.), Mike Bodden (Good Shepherd Luth.), Fred Clark (ANA), Susan Corrado (Wellness Center), Felicia Greer (resident), Alice Howard (ANA), Marge Lyford (Bethany UMC), Leslie McAllister (OCS), Shirley Robbins (Memorial UCC), Alex Thornburg (West. Presby.), Jack Tiffany (Friends Meeting).

Alex opened the meeting as Facilitator, with a story pointing out that God is present in whatever task we undertake.

The minutes of the May meeting were approved as submitted. A report was given on the special meeting of May 24, whose purpose was to effect the final disbursement of the Katrina funds. The decision was: $3500 to Allied Neighborhood Alliance for scholarships for MATC resume writing classes ($3000) and for the June 9 Festival expenses ($500); and $5680 to ACORN VITA for expenses for the Tax Assistance program. Total: $9180. It was moved by Jack and seconded by Leslie to approve this report. Motion carried. The group at this special meeting was small, and they raised the question as to whether such a small group had the right to make these decisions.

Financial Reports were given by Jack, with printed data through May - by sources, by budget, and by disbursements from MUM (these are undesignated donations by percentages), and also recorded by program and by source. The group made sure that someone was writing thank-you notes to every donor. Jack noted that there are discrepancies in the financial reports which need explanation, and he will confer with program heads to work these out. It was moved by Jack and seconded by Mary Jean that a discussion of possibly changing the percentages of allocations of undesignated money be on the agenda for the July meeting. Motion carried.

Organizational Structure discussion: Several issues were raised. 1) We need some kind of rules or guidelines for Allied Partners. 2) We need a way to deal with immediate issues between meetings, such as a quorum or an "executive" committee. 3) In financial and project decisions, who are actual Partners (only financially contributing churches?) and who are Advisory members (service, agency, and government representatives?). Jack moved that we make our September meeting a retreat to work out ground rules/guidelines/structure. Motion seconded by Mike and carried. This meeting will be held at the Boys and Girls Club on September 12 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Shirley will e-mail all church representatives with this information, stating the issues for people to be thinking about. Mary Jean will also telephone the churches with the information.

---Food Pantry: financial report given out by Mike. Note: Churches will again participate in providing lunches for Allied children during the time in August when no one else is serving lunches. Dates not yet firm. Mike is stepping down as "Manager", so a volunteer is needed to coordinate this project. (Set up tables, etc.)
---Wellness Center: Susan provided a written report describing May activities and upcoming events and projects. She said that some of those who participated in the Latino Garden Program have now got their own plots. She is grateful for the many volunteers for her programs.
---Home Stabilization Fund: Dianne's written report shows that the numbers of families needing help with rent, etc., is steadily increasing. Her brief stories of people needing help are heart-breaking.
---Allied Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood Association: Alice described the hassle at the June 9 Festival - the mix-up causing a lack of a "noise" permit - the variety of other problems. The new Alder, Brian Solomon, and Mayor Dave both offered to take the ticket for the violation, but in the end there was no ticket. The parade was spectacular. (As a listener and participant at the Festival, I know that the drum circle was wonderful and the many displays and "booths" were excellent.) Total expenses are not yet known, but financial help will be needed. Alice also told plans for community meals - invited anyone to suggest items for the newspaper, "Voices" - and said the Association is trying to get residents together to form goals and discuss needs.
---JFF: Rita said that the building next to the Learning Center will be re-habbed to serve as the office for JFF, for the Wellness Center, and other services.

Other Business:
---We need to have a way to follow up the uses of Katrina Funds given to various groups.
---Bethany UMC recently had a great "Allied Drive Day" on a Sunday. One feature was a "spaghetti collection" for the Food Pantry. Alice preached, and some of the program leaders were present.
---The all-day Juneteenth celebration on this Saturday (June 16) at Penn Park was announced.

NEXT MEETING: JULY 11, 10:00 A.M. Susan will be Facilitator and have an opening thought. In Shirley's absence, a volunteer to take the minutes will be needed.
Shirley Robbins, Recorder.