Present: Mary Jean Bartholomew, Jeni Bingen, Mike Bodden, Mary Charnitz, Fred Clark, Kathy Converse (Prairie UU), Susan Corrado, Barry Hayes (ADMNA), Alice Howard, Linda Ketcham, Marge Lyford, Barbara Morris, Barbara Park, Barbara Pomarnke, Shirley Robbins, Sue Sawyer, Alex Thornburg, Jack Tiffany.

Alice opened the meeting with a reading about having the faith to persevere, like a bow stretched by God.

Minutes of the April meeting were approved as presented.

Financial Report: Jack presented his preliminary report, noting that the Wellness Center still needs church contributions, even with the recent grants. Reminder - donations can be sent to MUM with "Allied Partners" in the memo line, for distribution according to the percentages already agreed on by A.P.

Katrina Fund: The Katrina Fund Committee gave out their tentative conclusions along with the process they used to make decisions. We were assured that each recipient is a responsible fiscal organization which will be accountable to us for use of the money. The report was extensively discussed, changes suggested, cautions expressed. Mary noted that the City and County have made no decisions about their impacts on the neighborhood, and there will be no removal of providers for at least six months, with six months' notice when there is a plan. Since MUM wishes to no longer hold this fund, Mike said that his church would be glad to hold it. Thoughts: Use the income in the neighborhood. Allocate it soon, since there are major needs now and the future is unknown. The Committee had proposed two options for scaling down the requests from the eight programs chosen to receive the money. Marge moved that we use Option 2. Motion seconded by Jack, and after discussion of each item, the motion was defeated. Barbara Park moved that we fund MAP, START, AAPTR, Voices, and the Girls' Camp as allocated in Option 2, leaving ADMNA and VITA for further discussion. Fred seconded the motion. A friendly amendment was made by Susan, accepted by Barbara and Fred, that the amount for Voices be changed from $9000 to $8000. A second acceptable friendly amendment added $5000 for provider space. Total from Katrina Fund: $40,120. Motion carried unanimously.
Sue S. will confer with Alice and Susan C. will talk with VITA. It is hoped that getting tables for the Neighborhood Association (to be used by many groups at the BGC) will be a church project. Alice can provide specifications, costs, sources.
Susan moved that $700 (for a stage) be sent to ADMNA immediately. Motion seconded by Fred and carried.
Fred moved that Allied Partners commend the committee for its time, effort, and research. Motion seconded by Mike and carried, with applause.

Organizational Issues and Structure: Alex, being a Presbyterian (he said that two Presbyterians will form three committees), had sent out some suggestions for a more stable structure for Allied Partners; also the thought that we might ask other stakeholders how they see our role in Allied Drive. Since the morning was late, Mike moved that we table this discussion for next time. Motion seconded by Barbara Parks and carried.

Reports: (Printed reports given out before the meeting.)
---Food Pantry - Mike said that more volunteers are desperately needed, especially Wednesday morning; please call Anne Bodden at 271-1548. Sue S. said she has met with Alice re community meals, schedule, and needs.
---Wellness Center - the Board will hold its annual meeting on Monday, June 4 at 7 p.m., at the Center. This is open to all. There will be food. Please come.
---Jeni described the Boys and Girls Club plans for the near future.

Old Business:
---Jack said that a co-ordinator for the suggested reading program is still needed. One person is interested in participating.
---Marge announced the June 10 "Allied Drive Day" at Bethany UMC, all invited.
---Bob Park is working on our website. When it is up, the address will be sent to all members.

Meeting ended with prayer led by Alex.

NEXT MEETING: June 13, 10 a.m., Alex facilitating. Shirley Robbins, Recording Secretary