ALLIED PARTNERS - February 15, 2007

Present: Alice Appen, Mary Jean Bartholomew, Jeni Bingen, Mike Bodden, Mary Charnitz, Jan Christian (Orchard Ridge UCC), Linda Ketcham, Barbara Parks, Shirley Robbins, Sue Sawyer, Alex Thornburg, Jack Tiffany.

To open the meeting, Jack gave us words of Peace. Introductions were made, with each person naming a favorite movie. Some good recommendations were given.

Minutes of the December meeting were approved as presented. (January retreat notes next time.)

Financial Report:
---The 2006 year-end report shows a balance in all funds (Wellness Center, Home Stabilization Fund, Food Pantry, Special Projects). It was moved by Mary Jean and seconded by Alice to accept this report. Motion carried.
---January 2007 report: shows the percentages of budget for each of the four categories. It was suggested that the Finance Committee may want to reconsider these percentages, since the Wellness Center is now well-funded by grants.

Allied Partners Proposal (report of committee formed at the January retreat):
The Committee met with Matt Gross, who facilitated the retreat. Discussion. Idea: get a Dane County United representative to tell us what they are doing in Wexford Ridge. Idea: Determine who are the Allied Partners, who is doing the work and giving the money. Suggestion: realize our limitations before asking neighbors what they need. Suggestion: emphasize developing relationships with community leaders, be able to explain to them who we are and what we can do; don't just ask them what they want from us and raise their expectations. Mike moved that we ask a rep. of DCU to come to a meeting and explain the process before we continue with it. Motion seconded by Jan and carried, after discussion and noting that we should find out what the cost would be to us.

Food Pantry: Mike gave out the January report, the 2006 year-end report (with a narrative report also) and some suggestions and comments on this and other projects.

Stabilization Fund: Printed report distributed.

Katrina Fund: Linda gave out the proceedings of the sub-committee on use of this fund, and will bring a proposal to the next meeting.

Boys and Girls Club: Jeni announced a Black History Month celebration coming up, which could be a good time to have conversations with residents and build relationships. She gave us copies of The Youth Journal, for which neighborhood kids write. She had brochures describing spaces at the B&GClub which congregations can use. No fee if the building is open; a fee for other times.

Possible New Project: Jack presented the possibility of reading to pre-school children in the neighborhood. This could be either with a small group or one-to-one, at various times of day, at the Wellness Center or in a vacant apartment in a location where there are many small children. This would need a coordinator, who could work by phone and consult Susan Corrado. A volunteer should call Jack.

Alex closed the meeting with prayer. The next meeting will be held on either the second or third Wednesday of March, 10-12 a.m. We will be notified of the date. Shirley Robbins, Recorder